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David Wight Art Show in Lake Tahoe

Saturday, August 11th, 3pm-7pm, Sunday, August 12th, 12pm-7pm
Meet David Wight and his marvelous glass art in Wyland Gallery Lake Tahoe.
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David Wight

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David Wight
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Looking back, my first steps toward a life working with glass were taken on a trail in a Caribbean rainforest. The year was 1994 and I had hiked up a small trail toward the sound of moving water. Before me stood a waterfall, a hundred feet high, descending through the forest, ferns, and cliffs. It was a cascade from a painted dream, and I was mesmerized. I watched how the water began to gather in the river above and brake apart into segments as it fell, before collecting into a perfect pool below. As I walked away from the falls, the sound fading, my mind and body felt relaxed with a calm I had never experienced before. On a deep level I had the desire to bring the therapeutic flow of water into lives and homes.....