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Treas-Atkinson art show - Lake Tahoe

Friday, June 7th, 4pm-8pm; Saturday, June 8th, 2pm-6pm
Meet Treas-Atkinson at Wyland Galleries Lake Tahoe, contact art consultant for more information.
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Treas Atkinson

T. Atkinson is a mixed media & oil Artist and has been passionate about art since adolescence. After an initial interest in graphic arts in college, she found the ideal outlet for her creative drive in fine arts. Fine arts provided an avenue that allowed her to explore the creative realms of fantasy, form, and imagination leading to her current creations.

These innovative creations exhibit a unique technique that brings forth iridescence and plays with light itself. These art pieces change form and mood from varied points of view, lighting arrangement, angle and brightness...

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Treas Atkinson
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