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Cheval art show - Las Vegas

Friday, December 20th, 1-5pm; Saturday, December 21st, 1-5pm
Meet Cheval at Signature Galleries Las Vegas, contact art consultant for more information.
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Michael Cheval

Michael Cheval is the world's leading contemporary artist, specializing in Absurdist paintings, drawings and portraits. In his definition, "absurdity" is an inverted side or reality, a reverse side of logic. It does not emerge from the dreams of surrealists, or the work of subconsciousness. It is a game of imagination, where all ties are carefully chosen to construct a literary plot. Any one of Cheval's paintings is a map of his journey into illusion. His work is often metaphorical and requires a sharp eye to decipher the often hidden allusions. ....

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Michael Cheval
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