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Michael Flohr Art Show in Las Vegas

Friday, December 15th, 12pm-5pm; Saturday, December 16th, 12pm-5pm
Experience the captivating artistry of Michael Flohr at Signature Galleries Las Vegas on December 15th and 16th, from 12pm to 5pm, as he transports you into his unique world of creativity and emotion.


Michael Flohr

“I am the guy in a café,” he says, “noticing a beautiful, warm, orange-violetlight chipping on people’sfaces across the room, and immediately thinking of ways to combine color andcapture that moment in my next painting.” Sometimes he is with penciland notebook, sometimes a camera. Observation is everything to him—whether seen, heard, or read, “it is all connected to thatwhich can be processed into a visual.”

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Michael Flohr
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