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Oryan Art Show in Lake Tahoe

Friday, February 16th, 2pm-6pm; Saturday, February 17th, 2pm-6pm; Sunday, February 18th, 2pm-6pm
Join us for a three-day art extravaganza! Oryan will be gracing us with their remarkable talent from February 16th to 18th at Wyland Galleries Lake Tahoe.



Oryan’s paintings include the traditional and the unexpected:  acrylic paint, crushed crystals, ground quartz, and translucent micas.  Oryan uses paintbrushes, blow-torches, gravity and his bare hands to coax the colors and substances multi-directionally each singular layer at a time. Every completed painting is the result of 20-30 layers of artistic application and complexity.  Due to the volatility of the components, Oryan must prepare and complete each individual layer in an uninterrupted flow of artistic focus...

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