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Christensen Art Show in Las Vegas


Friday, March 22nd, 12pm-5pm; Saturday, March 23th, 12pm-5pm

Mark your calendars for a spectacular art event on February 16th and 17th at Signature Galleries Las Vegas, featuring the mesmerizing works of Eric Christensen.


Eric Christensen

"Life is hard enough as it is, so I try to paint the things that make me happy. Through my subject matter and all of its nuances and detail I want to convey all the complexities, colors and creativity of miracles that life gives to us on a daily basis." Eric Christensen began painting professionally in 1992.  Since that time he has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation as a celebrated Wine Country Artist. Self-taught, he invented a watercolor technique that allows him to create images of vibrant color that go beyond the look and depth of a high quality photograph.....

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Eric Christensen
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